Guangdong Yue 'an chemical storage Co., LTDFounded in May 2019, the total investment of the company is 1.200 million, the company's warehouse geographical location is superior, business operation standard。We are committed to providing customers with safe and efficient one-stop hazardous chemicals warehousing and logistics services。

  The hazardous chemical storage project is approved by Jiangmen Emergency Management Bureau, Pengjiang District Environmental Protection Bureau, Pengjiang District Fire Department and other relevant government departments,Barrelling and storage of solid hazardous chemicals are used,A comprehensive hazardous chemicals logistics and storage base supplemented by hazardous chemicals transportation and other related supporting services,At present, it is one of the large-scale hazardous chemical logistics and storage centers with large scale, high modernization and strong distribution capacity in the Pearl River Delta region。

  In the process of construction, the company has received high attention from BASF, Jeshiyou and other customers, and conducted friendly visits and guidance。

  The warehouse covers an area of about 30 mu, and the construction of hazardous chemical warehouses of class A, B and C covers an area of 18,000 square meters, mainly engaged in the storage of hazardous chemicals, including flammable liquids, flammable solids, toxic substances, corrosive substances, oxidizing substances, gases (non-flammable and non-toxic), miscellaneous hazardous substances, and general goods。The establishment of the company solves the problem that chemical enterprises have no compliance place to store products due to the scarcity of hazardous chemical warehouse resources in the western Guangdong region, and provides a security guarantee for the safety of chemical enterprises and society。

Corporate culture

Company Vision:
Focus on petrochemical supply chain solutions, and build a valuable safe and efficient supply chain ecosystem in South China。

Company objectives:
To the west of Guangdong: Pearl, central, Jiang, Buddha, Zhan, MAO, as the core covering the two sides of a river with a unique influence of integrated supply chain entity service providers of petrochemical products。

Company positioning:
Chemical logistics integrated solution service platform practitioner

Customer-centric, to provide customers with valuable chemical logistics services
Striver-based, long-term hard work to enhance the vitality of the enterprise

Safety, efficiency and innovation contribute to the sustainable development of the chemical industry

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